From My Heart

Occasionally I am overcome with the desire to write something that is on my mind. Being in the process of raising 6 boys, my eyes have been opened to a lot of things. I have learned just how hostile our society can be to someone trying to raise their child to be God-fearing, tender-hearted and courageous. My hope is that those who read my advice will feel empowered to raise their children and live their life following God’s will.

God Thought Of It First
Love Them Big Families
The Worst Case Scenario Parenting
Thinking Outside The Box
Why We Take Our Boys To Whataburger
God Comes First
Are You An Illegal Immigrant?
It’s About The Person Inside
Who’s Helping Who?
When Less Is Best
The Tower Of Babel Among Us
A Still Small Voice
Stop Lying To My Friends!
Sending Thoughts And Prayers Your Way
Away With The Noise Of Your Songs
Yahoo! Parenting
What Were They Thinking?
Life has Come Full Circle
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
Think On These Things
And Then There Were None
Behavior In Worship
Before It’s Too Late
Give Them Something Worth Listening To
Don’t Be That Mom
Teaching In Sound Bites
Things My Mother Taught Me
To Love Their Children
What Will Happen After You’re Gone?
Cheering From The Sidelines

Be Strong and Courageous
Read Any Good Books Lately?
Who Is My Family?
Less Than 12 Hours
Organic Soul Food
My Son Became A Saint Today
Our Life Is But A Vapor
The American Dream
Nursing Advice From A Mother Of 6
Godless China vs Christian USA
What About The Prom?
Let’s Go To The Movies
What Has It Cost You?
Al Gore vs Noah
The Most Important Thing
The Unknown God
Are You Bored?
What Are We Teaching The Children?
Believing In God — What’s In It For You?
Teaching In Sound Bites
Patience Please

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