From My Kitchen

Have you ever been visiting at a relatives house and wanted to cook something for them but didn’t have your recipes with you?  I have.  My solution — put my favorite recipes online.  That way I can find them whenever and wherever I need them (assuming there is internet access).  It is also a good way to share my recipes with my growing family.   I now have 2 daughter-in-laws (or is it daughters-in-law?).

What’s For Dinner?

Diana’s Beef Stew

Susie’s Shoepeg Corn Salad

Mema’s Pie Crust

Mom’s Tacos

Grandmother’s Yeast Rolls

Alice’s Chicken Enchilada

Chicken, Cheese and Green Chilies Soup

Marilyn’s Cheesecake

Sunday Pot Roast


Meme’s Cornbread Dressing

Aunt Norma’s Mexican Cornbread

Thanksgiving Preparations

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