From My Schoolroom

I have been home schooling for a very long time. When the new year begins (September 2012), I will have been home schooling for 21 years. I have learned a few things along the way. Here is a list of articles I’ve written sharing a little of what I’ve learned.

Of Making Many Books There Is No End…
Patriotic Songs, Hymns and Folk Songs
To Dual Credit or Not
An Electronic Bulletin Board
It’s Been A Good Week
It’s The Small Things
Why Teach Latin?
Second Guessing Myself
Which Curriculum Should I Use With My Kindergartener?
Back To Basics
Home Where They Belong
The Perfect Home School Family
State In Your Own Words
Why Do I Home School?
What Is This Thing Called Spring Break?
Setting Our Kids Up For Failure
Raising Musical Children
Never Let Your Guard Down
Bona Fide Manner
What Bible Curriculum Do You Use?
The Makings of a Good Co-op
The First Home School Mom I Ever Knew
1, 2, 3, Go!
Time To Organize — Again
Looking Back — School Year 2012-2013
School Schedule 2012-2013
It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Consistency, Consistency, Consistency
What Is Your Child’s Learning Style?
Is Home Schooling Right For My Family?
Homeschooling 101 — An Introduction
Getting Organized
When Am I Gonna Get It All Done?
What are the laws I must follow when I home school my kids?
Are You Home schooling Or Doing School At Home?
Support Groups — Who Needs Them?
Use It Or Lose It
We Have A Great Support Group
Which Curriculum Should I use?”
Home Schooling 101

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