Home Schooling 101 — When Am I Gonna Get It All Done?

One of the greatest issues with home schoolers is finding time to do everything you want/need to do.  This can be tough.  Here are some things that have helped me keep my days organized: Get A Calendar.  This is my most important investment every year.  I use it to write down everything we are going … [Read more…]

Home Schooling 101 — Getting Organized

Home schooling is messy.  If you haven't discovered that little fact, you must have just started home schooling.  It seems that as soon as someone begins to home school, their books start multiplying like little rabbits right on the bookshelves.  Science experiments take over the kitchen.  With the kids home all day, the dishes are … [Read more…]

Patience Please

I think motherhood was intended to teach us patience.  Patience with kids, our husbands and ourselves.  There are times that I want instant recognition or instant proof that what I'm doing is productive.  It all takes patience.  As we home school our kids we need to keep this in mind.  Their learning doesn't happen overnight.  … [Read more…]