String Orchestra Update

It's been a while since I posted.  I
thought I would fill you in on how our string orchestra is going. 
This is a home school string orchestra.  There are 16 musicians
ranging in age from 10 – 17.  All but 4 of the students have had
previous music experience.  They either have played the piano or
another stringed instrument.  Seven of the student are my private
students.  Six of those are taking on new instruments.



have 8 violins, 2 violas, 4 cellos and 2 basses.  I have taught
violin, viola and cello before, but this is my first experience with a
bass.  The 2 bass players are brothers.  I have taught both
of them piano, but I'm teaching the younger one violin now. 



of the instruments are new.  New strings on stringed
instruments have a period that they need to stretch.  This means
that tuning is a major issue.  The instruments can go out of tune
in just a few minutes.  So, I'm tuning a lot.  The first time
I tuned the bigger bass (it's a 3/4 size), I was a little
nervous.  The strings groaned and groaned as I turned the tuning
peg.  The smaller bass ( a 1/4 size) was much easier to tune and



of the kids bought their instruments on Ebay.  You can get some
really inexpensive instruments that way.  I know most teachers
would turn their nose up at them, but I know that most home school
families don't have a lot of money.  I want the kids to get an
instrument in their hands.  If they learn to play it and want to
keep going, their parents can then put the money out for a better



have been blessed with a recent college graduate helping us out. 
He plays viola.  He's in town for a year while he trains to
preach.  He's been coming to the rehearsals to help out. 
He's been great.  He helps tune, offers pointers and gives one on
one attention to those that need it.  I wish I had a picture of
him to show you.  Maybe next time.





  1. Deanna

    i’m a little jealous! wish i had a child old enough to be involved! do you need a 5 year old who can play “i dropped my dolly” on the piano? teehee!

    you’re amazing!!!! way to go using your talents you’ve been so blessed with!

Thank you for your comment.